Know your Farmer: Eight Plates Farm

Sending you good vibes from Eight Plates Farm in Mayville, which is located in the southern Thumb of Michigan.

Our farm is family run, and is kept up and nourished by myself, Carla, my husband, Paul, and our four kids: Silas, Eve, Phoebe, and Piper. My parents, Mitchell and Krystal LaBair are also an integral part of our farm.

Eight Plates Farm is a pasture based livestock farm that focuses on keeping our animals on pasture for some of their life, if not all. We raise cattle, pigs, and chickens right on our farm. You can find our normal day to day on Instagram and Facebook by following along in our story section under “Eight Plates Farm”. This gives our customers and friends a little peek into our everyday routine!

We believe that when we care for our animals in the best way possible, and keep them content and comfortable that we not only have a superior product in the end, but we will be improving the ecosystem around us. And as much as our life is about the animals, it’s also about family and good food. At Eight Plates Farm we want you to find the conversation at the table, enjoy the goodness of what has been prepared, and laugh at the memories while you are grilling our steaks, or making pulled pork carnitas in the kitchen. Our name comes from having eight plates at the table (our family plus my mom and dad) more often than not, and also inviting others to join us. Join our email list on our website to find out about new products, restocks, new events, and other scenes that might pop up at the farm.

We offer high quality cuts of beef, pork, and chicken on our website, Trying to stay versatile, we can ship right to your home, you can pick up your order at our farm, or you can order and pick up at the farmers markets that we attend.  We can be found at the Troy Farmer’s Market and the Shelby Township Farmers Market.  We offer bundles of meats as well as individual cuts that will work for your family.

Yes, farming may take hard work, but it can also be fulfilling by raising a product that our family nurtured for others to enjoy.  Let us not forget our local communities and all the awesome products and businesses that are at our fingertips!

Check us out, and reach out if you have any questions! 

Eight Plates Farm, 9731 Rich Rd., Mayville, MI 48744

Carla Schultz
Owner of Eight Plates Farm