Local Food Network Licensing

The Taste the Local Difference business model, supporting technologies, and resources are now available to be licensed for use in other parts of the country.

Taste the Local Difference has grown from a regionally-focused project of a non-profit to a profitable privately owned business, while continuing to deliver on the mission of growing Michigan’s local food economy. Our unique approach does this by educating customers on the value of local food and helping food & farming entrepreneurs build successful, well-connected and thoughtful businesses.

Perks of Becoming a Licensee

We’ve spent years developing the best ways to balance effectively supporting local food businesses at a price that works for them while making sure we’re profitable ourselves. Becoming a licensee of Taste the Local Difference lets you skip that time consuming process and jump right in! As a licensee, you’ll receive:


Supportive consulting on business plan development, services, finance, training, etc.


Access to our customizable online database and website directory WordPress plugin.


Templates to help you build your own Local Food Guide, Media Kit, SOPs, and Cashflow.

Explore a Licensee’s Customized Online Directory

Abundant Montana’s Find Food & Farms Online Directory

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re curious to learn more, let’s talk! Use our contact form or reach out to our CEO, Tricia Phelps, directly at [email protected].