Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen Introduces Culinary Concepts Teaching Kitchen

Cook. Create. Collaborate.

This has always been the mantra of Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen. Located in Plymouth, this business offers more than just rentable kitchen space for burgeoning food entrepreneurs. Proud Mitten helps food businesses grow their product, increase their market, and access a local Michigan community with which to network. 

In November, they will unveil their latest development: Proud Mitten Culinary Concepts

“Proud Mitten Culinary Concepts is a hub for budding chefs and their students,” Marlo Bendon, owner and proprietor of Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen, says. The Culinary Concepts space is focused on risk reduction for chefs looking to showcase their talents. “Our space provides a flexible environment removing barriers to entry into the Michigan culinary scene.”

In addition to Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen providing the kitchen space and business resources needed to make and sell food items, the Culinary Concepts space will directly connect chefs with a consumer audience. As a “neighborhood teaching kitchen,” this enrichment space offers a collection of hands-on culinary class offerings. The chef instructors will host seasonal classes, individual skill-based classes, special events and private bookable classes. There will be opportunities for all ages and abilities to reach the local community and beyond. 

Chef Kristin of The Simple Kitchen will kick off the classes and workshops! Belle Lavande, a lavender farm with organic growing practices, will also hold classes focused in on culinary lavender recipes.  

“As we get closer to the holidays, we will continue to build our team of clients, demonstrations and offerings.” states Bendon.

To learn more about upcoming events and classes, please visit: under the Culinary Concepts tab.

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