Michigan Cheeses and How to Use Them This Superbowl

Are you hoping the Lions make it to the Super Bowl? Well, we’ve got a slightly more attainable goal: making sure local cheese is on the snacking menu! Here are our suggestions for incorporating Michigan cheesemakers into your Super Bowl celebration:

Football-shaped pretzels with cheese dip for a Superbowl celebration

Raclette Party 

Nothing says party more than cheese and cornichons! If you’ve invested in a raclette melter, pick up a wedge from Leelanau Cheese. Add some local potatoes, bread and pickles, and you’ve got yourself a party plate! 

Pinconning Cheese Spread

Did you know that Michigan has its very own style of cheese? Pinconning cheese is a style of Colby that can be found in the thumb (or shipped to your house.) While it’s great to have as a snack on its own, the Super Bowl is a great time to check out a Pinconning cheese spread. Go for a classic flavor, or for the spice lovers, try this ‘Pinconning Paralyzer.’

Idyllic Stuffed Dates

Idyll Farms brings to mind the ‘idyllic’ setting of peacefully grazing goats in wildflower fields up north. This may seem at odds with the harsh spotlights of the stadium, but stuff their Idyll Pastures goat cheese (try the fennel pollen flavor, if possible!) into dates, and bake wrapped in bacon, and you’ll have a perfect snack for a quick moment of peace between plays.

Michigan Cheeseburgers

Farm Country Cheese House in West Michigan works with local farmers to use antibiotic-free, naturally raised milk to make their Michigan Jack cheese. Double down on Michigan greatness by making cheeseburgers or sliders with local beef.

What will you be noshing on this Superbowl Sunday? Find local cheese in your neck of the woods with our Find Food and Farms Directory!

Claire Butler is the Content Strategy Specialist for Taste the Local Difference. Contact her at [email protected].

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