Edson Farms: 40 Years devoted to Local Food in Traverse City

For the last 40 years, Edson Farms Natural Food Store has served Traverse City’s natural food needs. Now the store is bigger than ever with their recent expansion project. Their increased deli and local produce section contributes to their mission of supporting their community.

“With the expansion of product offerings and a more navigable store, we are a more viable option for shoppers looking for healthy food and quality supplements,” said Jessica Edson, owner of Edson Farms. “We are better able to serve the growing number of people in Traverse City looking for a full service health food store.”

First opened in 1979 by Bill and Sharon Edson, Edson Farms carried a wide selection of bulk products, such as grains, nuts, supplements, and more. Today, the store has relocated from its original location at the corner of US 31 and 4 mile Rd to a bustling shop on Garfield Ave.

“Bill and Sharon emphasized the importance of customer service from day one!” said Edson. The store continues the legacy of being the place to go for local produce, bulk items, and having a helpful, knowledgeable staff.  “I am very proud of our staff. They are hardworking and dedicated. Our staff is always looking to go the extra mile to help customers. “

In addition to great internal service, Edson Farms is dedicated to being stewards to their community and local economy. “Food sourced locally helps support our community financially and environmentally,” said Edson. “I LOVE knowing our farmers and working directly with them. It is one of the most important aspects of our store.“

With their recent expansion, Edson Farms will continue their work acting as Traverse City’s natural food store— for hopefully another 40 years. Edson said, “We are truly grateful for the 40 years of support from the Traverse City community. “

Edson Farms, 835 S. Garfield Ave. Traverse City, MI 49686

Emma Beauchamp is the Communications Manager for Taste the Local Difference. She is a Traverse City native and currently lives in Ann Arbor. Contact her at [email protected]