3 U-Pick Tips for your Next Michigan Harvest

What does U-Pick mean?

Have you U-picked yet? True to its name, u-pick means a farm allows guests to do the harvesting on a select part of their fields. This provides a fun activity for all ages and the opportunity to create a connection with your food. From raspberries to apples, and even saskatoons, u-pick farms allows visitors to ‘cherry-pick’ the best of the bunch! 

So what should you know before heading to your closest U-pick farm? Read below!

Blueberry U-Pick at Buchan’s Blueberry Hill

1) What’s in season?

As you probably know, Michigan strawberries aren’t available in September, and pumpkins aren’t ready for picking in June! For a general guide to what’s in season, check out our Seasonality Guide. Michigan weather is unpredictable, so follow specific farms on social media for updates on when your favorite items are available! 

2) Be prepared

Make sure to dress for the event – and for the weather! Before you go out in the field, put on sun protection with a brimmed hat and sunscreen. In the car, bring containers for your harvest, in case the stand is ‘BYOB’ (bring your own bucket!) Additionally, if you’re picking flowers, it’s a good idea to bring your own clippers, as those have a tendency to travel, even in well-stocked locations. Lastly, if you know you’ll be on the move, bring a cooler and ice packs to keep your produce fresh until you make it back home. 

3) Have a plan for your picks

Do you know what to do with your perfect picks? If you’re planning to do more than just snack, head to our Recipes to find a new way to improve on locally-grown perfection! Hint: if you make pie dough ahead of time, you could have a sweet end to your u-pick day! 

If you can’t eat everything you pick, plan to clean, process, and freeze them for future use! 

Find your closest Michigan U-pick farm! 

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