Easy as Pi(e) Day

How many digits of Pi do you know by heart ? Most people know at least the first three digits of this helpful, irrational number : 3.14. As a reminder, this mathematical constant is key to calculating the area and circumference of a circle. See the video below for a family-friendly refresher:

Since we’re a little more food motivated, we love to celebrate PIE on March 14. 

Ready, set, bake! 

Get in the kitchen for these truly “easy-as-pie” recipes:

Even though it isn’t fruit season in Michigan, you can find delicious frozen fruit available from Michigan Farm to Freezer and Omena Organics year round. Plus, while you’re daydreaming about your next pie, consider a trip to a u-pick farm this summer to stock your freezer with the “berry” best.

Find Pie in Michigan

Not much of a baker? (Is there too much math involved?) Be sure to enjoy a slice or two of pie at one of our partner’s locations!

Prefer Savory Pie options?

Who makes your favorite pie? 

Emma Beauchamp is the Editor in Chief for Taste the Local Difference and a big fan of pie.

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