Become a Local Food Enthusiast

Did you know that your dollar is multiplied more than three times when you spend it at a local store, than by purchasing at a national chain? Plus, locally grown and produced food packs more of a nutritional punch and it travels fewer miles to your plate, making it better for you and for the planet. We’re just scratching the surface here when it comes to the true value of local food in our community. The benefits range from economics and social connection, to improving health and the environment.

All of us at Taste the Local Difference (TLD) are focused on supporting our diverse regional communities by growing the demand for local food across the state. As we increase the demand for local food through consumer education, developing free community food system resources, and providing affordable marketing services — we improve the success and resiliency of Michigan’s farms and food businesses.

We’re excited to announce that as a consumer, you can now support the work that Taste the Local Difference is doing in our community and throughout the state.

Like everything we do, it starts with a commitment to buying local. If you can pledge to spend at least $10 a week on local food, TLD invites you to become a Local Food Enthusiast and reap the benefits. You’ll receive a set of awesome local food gifts, invitations to cocktail hours and meet-ups with other local food enthusiasts in your region, and stay up to date on all the best local food and farming stories.

Learn more at — and join us to strengthen our community by eating well.

Tricia Phelps is the CEO of Taste the Local Difference. She co-owns a hop farm near Cedar, MI with her partner, Alex. Contact her at [email protected]