Shoreline Wild Salmon: Bringing it Home

Growing up in Battle Creek, also known as “Cereal City”, I learned quickly how to identify myself with the breakfast aisle of any grocery store.  Wild salmon, not so much. In fact, I refused to eat salmon growing up, which may have been the most confusing part about packing my bags and moving to Alaska just days after graduating from Michigan State University.  Fast forward four years later and here I am, shipping top quality wild salmon from the icy waters of Alaska back home to Michigan. One of my favorite parts? My dad is the one who picks it up from the airport and delivers it directly to stores in Michigan, and with help from my mom, sells our frozen salmon portions at farmers markets around Ann Arbor and Detroit.  

In the fall, my business partners, Keith Heller and Joe Emerson, and I will be celebrating three years of Shoreline Wild Salmon, LLC.  Keith and Joe, both life-long fishermen, have taught me a great deal about the techniques that are vital to producing the highest quality of salmon.  It’s been a journey for me, navigating these new waters of small business ownership, but so worth it to bring such a special resource to a place that taught me the value of having access to high quality food. 

We work in the commercial troll fishery in Southeast Alaska, which means we catch every salmon one by one by hook and line.  After hauling each fish aboard, we immediately take the time to pressure bleed and gut every salmon individually and then pack them into ice.  By doing this, we are able to offer a flavor that is wildly fresh. I can tell you firsthand that the way salmon tastes is greatly impacted by the way it is handled, from the point in which it is pulled out of the water, to the moment it is cooked up and served. 

It is my hope that by bringing this pristine product back to Michigan, it will open up the door for folks to taste the Alaska difference.  Starting in August, we will be selling our product at the Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, and Manchester Farmers Markets.  We also deliver our fish both fresh and frozen to stores in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas year-round. Want to learn more?  Check out our website or our Facebook page.  

Marie Rose is the Co-Owner, Shoreline Wild Salmon, LLC. Learn more at