Serve a Local Turkey this Thanksgiving

There are plenty of local products to incorporate into your Thanksgiving meal like brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, homemade pies and more! Don’t forget, you can use the TLD Find Food & Farms page to get more information on the local sources for these ingredients. To save you some time, we’ve already made a list of the places we know you can find the perfect local main course.

Pick up these delicious local turkeys direct from the farms listed below or visit a TLD licensed retailer and conveniently pick up a local turkey from a store near you!

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Southeast Michigan

EMMA Acres — Ann Arbor, MI

EMMA Acres is a pastoral family farm outside of Ann Arbor that is committed to ethically raising healthy, tasty, and happy food for you and your family. We specialize in pasture-grazed chicken, pork, turkey, and pastured eggs as well as 100% grass-fed lamb and beef. We also grow a wide variety of beyond organic vegetables during the summer months. Our mission is to bring people back in touch with how their food should be raised. We value customer relationships and invite you to visit our farm!

Ernst Farm — Ann Arbor, MI

Our turkeys are hormone, antibiotic free and pastured outside on grass. We try to treat them humanely and sell them fresh, never frozen.

Firesign Family Farm — Whitmore Lake, MI

Firesign Family Farm raises a variety of dairy and meat animals in an ethical, natural environment, adhering to the principles of organic and bio-diverse farming. We welcome the opportunity to share with you our passion for safe and healthy food nurtured in a respectful, compassionate setting. Our turkeys are farm fresh, free range and fed with a no soy, non-gmo feed. They are naturally delicious and juicy with no preservatives, and no saline injections.

Garno Farm Poultry — Adrian, MI

We raise chickens and turkeys on our farm in Adrian, MI. All of our birds are fed daily with feed that we mix ourselves. A combination of whole grains, fresh and dried vegetables and greens, and herbal supplements. One such supplement they use is kelp, for the minerals and iodine it provides. The birds require a whole variety of foods, much like humans, to be healthy and nourishing.

Harnois Farm — Webster Township, MI

John Harnois raises free-range chickens, eggs, and heirloom turkeys in Webster Church Township near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Kuntry Gardens — Homer, MI

Andy Stutzman has raises Pastured Broad-Breasted Turkeys using traditional Amish practices and non-GMO feed.

Ropertis Turkey Farm — Livonia, MI

We all know it – you are what you eat, and that goes for turkeys too!  Our turkeys are tender and moist because they are fed the best natural feed grains: corn, wheat and oats – and nothing else (except fresh water). They’re uncaged and free to roam 5 acres, enjoying the sunflowers that we grow for natural shade.

Two Track Acres — Grass Lake, MI

Humanely raised meat. We use pasture and rotational grazing to raise chicken, turkeys, and pork.This year we will be raising meat chickens, pigs, steers, and turkeys. We use rotational grazing with our chickens and steers, moving to fresh pasture every few weeks. Our broad breasted white turkeys, raised for Thanksgiving, have a large area for roaming. There are no hormones or antibiotics in our meat.

Northern Michigan

Biehl’s Circle B Turkey Ranch  — Mancelona, MI

We started back in 1977 with fresh, all natural turkeys. We use all vegetable non-gmo feed, no bone meal, steroids, or antibiotics. Our turkeys roam freely between open range and the pole building.

Cook Family Farm — Gaylord, MI

Our turkeys are raised with the same practices as our chickens. We nestle them all snug and warm in our brooders and then move them outside to fresh green grass. The turkeys call the white canvas tents home. They are moved daily to a new green pasture. They enjoy endless fresh water and are raised without medications or antibiotics.

Duerksen Turkey Farm — Mancelona, MI

We are family owned, third generation farmers who feel strongly about the health of the turkeys we raise. We follow organic practices but are not certified. Our turkeys roam on 16 acres of pasture with mature trees for shade. They dine on a smorgasbord of insects and bask in the warm sunshine. We feed the turkeys a gmo-free grain that is raised locally. We love what we do and want to pass on the goodness to others.

Morganic Farm — Fife Lake, MI

We are a small but growing diversified farm/CSA/market that follows organic practices and feeds non-gmo feed to our livestock. We focus on heritage breeds, rotational grazing and Permaculture practices. We raise chickens, ducks and quail for eggs. Rabbit, chicken and turkeys for meat. We also produce a superior tasting heritage pork, available as wholes, halves and by the cut from our farm market.

Serendipity Farms — Wolverine, MI

Our farm feeds only Soyfree/non GMO grains. Our poultry are free ranged during the day enjoying a salad bar of many different greens, bugs and earths minerals. They are free to roam our pasture under open skies, in the fresh air & sunshine. We also have some of the finest pasture raised pork around that are also supplemented with fruits, veggies and fresh milk from our cows and goats.

Sonny’s Farm — Cedar, MI

Sonny’s Farm raises a limited number of turkeys every year for the Thanksgiving market.  The flock is comprised of both the White and Bronze Breasted turkeys, which are known to be more conventional breeds, however they perform well on pasture too.  Turkeys are fed non-gmo, antibiotic free feed.

Did we miss your favorite place to pick up a holiday bird? Let us know in the comments. And we’ll add it to the list!