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Taste the local difference

Taste the Local Difference®(TLD) is a local food marketing agency. Every bit of work we do has one underlying mission-- to sell more local food in your community. We promote the farms and producers that make all of the good food we eat. And we celebrate the restaurants, retailers, event organizers and many others that are making sourcing local a priority.  Head to our About TLD page for more info. 

TLD Partners can be found across a wide-array of categories. We ask our partners to identify with a category that best represents them.  

View an outline of the products and services we offer each category or look through this brochure highlighting what TLD is all about. 

The table below gives a brief explaination of each category, click on the orange category title for more information:

Farms  A business focused on local agricultural processes and products (food or non-food).

Farmers Markets

 A community market where multiple farmers gather to sell their own goods.
Specialty Producers  A value-added producer that manufactures their products locally,  such as wine, beer, cider, cheese, and more.
Retail Businesses  A business, ranging in size from small-scale specialty market to large-scale regional supermarket, that provides an environment for sales of locally-made or grown products, among others. 
Restaurants   A local restaurant serving the community and sourcing locally whenever possible. 


Glance through a few pieces from TLD's marketing material library below:

Taste the Local Difference® Shelf Talkers

One of our key strategies to help sell more locally grown and made food is to first differentiate local products from others where consumers shop. TLD has offered a collection of branded shelf-talkers for over a decade. We have five shelftalkers this year, each with a different size and purpose. Each of them features our bright orange color-scheme, making products immediately identifiable on store shelves, on farm stands, or at farmers markets. We also have TLD branded signage for use on coolers, freezer, and for hanging above products. Only businesses listed as a TLD Partner can have their products represented with these shelf-talkers.

Taste the Local Difference® In The Community

TLD actively promotes its brand, local food growers/producers, and retail partners through advertising, event marketing, and journalistic story-telling with local media outlets. TLD purchases thousands of dollars in advertising each year from community-based print and digital media companies. We also provide our partners with large signs to help tell consumers they’re affiliated with the brand.

Taste the Local Difference® Supporter Stickers

Taste the Local Difference® Supporter Window Clings. These small window clings are designed to tell your customers that you support the TLD brand and the local products we represent. They are 2.5” wide and 4” tall, with a clear background. Big enough to see, but small enough not to get in the way.

Taste the Local Difference® Bumper Sticker

Our standard Bumper Sticker features the mileage marker that we use on most of our shelf-talker products to show consumers how far away from where they’re standing a product was grown or made. They are made available to the general public through our online store and TLD partners.

Taste the Local Difference® 'TOAST' Bottle hang-tags

Any listing qualifies beverage producers to have their products tagged in TLD partner retail stores and to have their products featured in “Toast the Local Difference” events.

Taste the Local Difference® Floor Decals

TLD retail partner stores can use these huge full-color “walk-over” decals specially designed for the harsh environment of retail stores. They apply cleanly, are durable, specified to withstand floor cleaning machines, and peel off with no adhesive residue. They are designed to be placed on the floor near entries or midaisle.

We also offer these bright orange hand decals that are designed to be placed on the floor in locations around the store where local food is seen. They are 8” wide and 10” tall, and made of the same durable material as the larger decal above. These help consumers find local food on store shelves.