Wild Flats Farm

Central Lake
  • Farm-Stand

We are Alyssa and Bill Burke, first generation farmers who are regenerating and reconnecting with community and land by raising nutrient-rich food on our 87-acre farm in Central Lake, MI.

Our current focus is offering eggs from pasture-raised, non-gmo & soy-free fed chicken. Our flock is moved every few days to new pasture so they always have access to fresh, good-quality forage plants and bugs! This also allows the previously grazed pasture more time to recover and regenerate before letting the ladies back again. It's a win-win! Providing the community with high-quality, healthy eggs is our #1 priority. Heathy, happy hens make tasty, nutrient-rich eggs.

Growing Practices

  • Adaptive grazing
  • Grass Fed/Pasture Raised
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Permaculture
  • Rotational Grazing