Ropertis Turkey Farm


We all know it - you are what you eat, and that goes for turkeys too! My turkeys are tender and moist because they are fed the best natural feed grains: corn, wheat and oats - and nothing else (except fresh water).
But there's something else - they're uncaged and free to roam 5 acres, enjoying the sunflowers that I grow for natural shade. They aren't under stress from crowding or caging. Today we call it "free range" and "organic" - but that was how all responsible farmers cared for their livestock 60 years ago. I do things the same way that my father did - no short cuts, no over-crowding, no skimping on quality. No way!

More about Roperti Turkeys -

*They cook faster than regular processed turkeys because there is no preservatives or chemicals in their system

* They are fresh dressed for you, just 24 hours before you pick them up.

* Guaranteed to be juicy and tasty - first time customers always tell me they never knew turkey could be so good!


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