Molino Tortilleria


At Molino Tortilleria, we do things the old school way....the really old school way.
Our tortillas are produced through the natural process of Nixtamalization (cooking whole dried corn kernels in lime treated water). Then the corn is stone ground into masa for tortillas. This process has been used by Mesoamerican cultures for thousands of years - and for good reason.
Nixtamalized corn has many health benefits when compared to untreated corn. It removes toxins, imparts calcium, activates amino acids and vitamin B3 while also freeing trapped niacin found naturally in the corn allowing our bodies to absorbs the nutrients more readily*.
Unfortunately, most mass produced tortillas sold in the United States are made using a hybrid method that dries the corn and grinds it into a powder to extend the shelf life. This makes transporting and selling the product to mass market easier, but the loss of nutritious elements and flavors are too great for us to ignore.


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