Misty Lane Farms


We are a small, Michigan farm, and do what we do because we love growing grass and raising lambs! We raise our lambs on non-GMO pasture. We finish our lambs either on 100% grass and Michigan-grown grass/alfalfa hay or with a combination of locally-grown corn, lush grass/legume mix pastures, and Michigan-grown grass/alfalfa hay.

Lambs are never given any antibiotics or growth hormones. Ewes are well cared for and many have names, so are almost pets. Most lambs are born in a barn and we take care of our orphaned lambs. We buy goat milk to feed our lambs, but use commercial milk replacer when goat milk is not available. Guests often enjoy bottle feeding lambs when they come to visit.

Growing Practices

  • Grass Fed/Pasture Raised
  • Rotational Grazing


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