Maxbauer’s Meat Market

Traverse City

Maxbauer Brothers Meats was established in 1913 by brothers Albert and Tony Maxbauer. Except for a brief period during the Great War, it has remained in operation in Downtown Traverse City ever since. Known for their superior customer service, homey atmosphere, highest quality products, homemade sausages and smoked goods and dedication to the citizens of Traverse City, Albert and Tony set a standard that remains at Maxbauer Market.

Maxbauer's now boasts the largest full-service meat counter in at least a 60 mile radius. While conveniences such as produce, grocery, and dairy are available for customers, meat remains the store's main focus. Maxbauer's is proud to sell about half a million pounds of meat annually, and its sausage kitchen produced nearly 10,000 pounds of hand-made sausages and smoked goods.

The two solid brick Volkswagen-sized smokehouses at the rear of the store beckon with scents of bacon, kielbasa, and newly invented delicacies. Stop in – you just might find owner Mark Wilson passing out fresh-from-the-smokehouse smoked brisket or bacon jerky. You're always welcome to a sample at Maxbauer's.