Golden Hour Farm

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  • Healing Herbs

Golden Hour Farm is a husband-wife collaborative born of a love for health, beauty and the sacred interdependence of all that is. We grow herbal medicinals and cut flowers.

We are named for the times each day when the sun is low and fading through flecks of dust on the horizon, reducing sharp shadows to pinks and oranges and soft light. Before we had a farm with a name we had other jobs. The only time we had for farming was in the evenings, the golden hour. We grew our food, our plant medicine and our creativity.

Our farm is nestled just outside Grand Ledge on Anishinaabeg land. We use natural farming practices, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We strive toward carbon sequestering practices that keep our soils healthy and biologically active. That's part of why we love growing herbs and perennial flowers! We like to hear the birds sing, chat while working and listen to our heart’s rhythm. So we prefer the mix of hand and simple mechanical tools small farming allows. We use natural farming techniques that pull from many traditions, dabbling in no-till and perennial farm cultures while maintaining that sometimes you just need a rotovator to prep an area for elderberry cuttings. Our goals are to get away from using unnecessary mechanization as we can and to continue to expand our knowledge of sustainable practices that can work for both ecological equanimity and economic sustainability on the farm and the world.

We value ~ creativity + beauty | honesty + kindness | tea

Growing Practices

  • Permaculture


  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Vegetables