Traverse City Whiskey Company

Traverse City

Born from a Midwest climate and a carefully selected blend of corn, rye and barley, this Bourbon Whiskey is warm spirit for your Michigan days and nights.

Bottled in Michigan, 4 Years Aged in New Oak Barrels, Independent and Locally Owned!

If there's a "Story in Every Bottle" of Traverse City Whiskey, and storytelling is an art, then consider us Ernest Hemingway and our whiskey is Three Stories and Ten Poems - seriously, you should try it.

Traverse City is where we're from; a quaint, authentic city in Northern Michigan that has become synonymous with enjoying life
(and whiskey), an active lifestyle and a retreat where timeless memories are made. Our culture is a reflection of the area and we're on a mission to produce the smoothest, greatest whiskey possible.