Sunset Cattle Ranch


With our system, you simply tell us if you'd like a 1/4, 1/2, or whole animal and we tell you when it will be available. Then the beef is sent into a local processor, Byron Center Meats, where it is processed the way you choose, after dry-aging for two weeks. Once we receive the final weight of the animal, we call you with the price and you simply mail us a check. Then when Byron Center calls you, you may go pick it up and pay them for processing. Then you have beef on hand for the rest of the year!

We are accidental beef farmers
We started as a hog farm but in 2011 realized that we were actually losing money by having them. At that point, we decided to sell all our hogs and try to make it by taking a job off the farm. My husband had a few head of cattle and really enjoyed having them along with the hay that he was raising. We decided to expand our herd and gradually grew over the years. It's been 17 years and now we have about 100 head of cattle. In 2023 we opened a seasonal farm store to sell our farm raised products. Please follow our page on Facebook to learn more about sales/hours etc. We look forward to the future growth of our farm for our family and yours.