Schuil Coffee Company

Grand Rapids

Traveling overseas in the 1970s, Garry Schuil experienced a cup of coffee unlike any he'd ever tasted – remarkably better than the low-grade coffees sold in the U.S. at the time. So in 1981, long before you knew what a latte was, Garry started importing and roasting the world's best arabica coffee beans and became the first coffee roaster in Michigan focused on high-scoring coffees (aka “specialty” coffees).

Garry cared about bean quality, roasting consistency, and product freshness and wanted to provide all of it at a great value. Nearly 40 years later, the Schuil team remains committed to upholding Garry's vision and legacy. Discover for yourself why discerning coffee drinkers pass up the big brands and choose products from our small, family-owned company proudly based in Grand Rapids, MI.