Right Brain Brewery

Traverse City

Our very own Chef Mike brings you right-brained culinary
creations to satisfy both your stomach and mind! Whether
it's by using all-natural ingredients, preparing fresh every
day, or elevating a lowly waffle to culinary greatness, the
Right Brain Marketplace is always a right-choice!

Our brew team creates some of Northern Michigan's finest craft brew. They have been given full reins to drive the buggy over the cliff. If you want boring, common beer, we don't have it.
You'll find all sorts of ingredients in our beer. Chocolate, heather, coffee, raspberries, an Englishman, mint, toads and a bunch of other stuff we found near the building.
Sometimes we even add barley and wheat and malt that is smoked and burned.
The water is pumped in from East Bay, which is only a hop skip and a jump away. We can smell the fresh lake air from our brew house doors, and you can taste it in our crisp, clean brews.
Sometimes we even add hops. Some hops we find locally, some hops we find from strange and distant lands.
How do we brew it? That's a secret. Besides, the gnomes would be angry.