Plath’s Meats – Petoskey


For over 108 years, the Plath family has been providing quality meats from a small town in Michigan.

Plath has always utilized the latest technology while maintaining the old fashion quality and taste the people have come to know and love. Loyal and hardworking employees have helped make Plath's Meats a will-run business.
Today, four of the Plath's five sons are involved in the business. Moe would say "The boys do all the work," but people who were acquainted with Moe, however, knew he also put in long, long hours. His shrewd business sense took what was a small town store to a nationally-known entity.

"You can only do so much business in a small town," Helen says", Moe and his dad were very wise men. Emil Sr. had a good product & Moe was the salesman who got it going beyond Rogers City."

Today Plath's retail counter contains more that 30 different types of homemade sausage and meat products. There have been many customers who have enjoyed Plath's famous bacon and pork loin over the last 107 years, and rest assured that it will be enjoyed for many more.