Piggly Petals Flower Farm

  • CSA
  • Farm-Stand

Our farm flourished from our fascination of flowers and nature. Through hard work, we are able to watch our farm transform into a beautiful garden that encourages pollinators and creates a home for many beneficial insects.

We follow sustainable practices as we nurture each flower, from seed to bloom. We focus on giving back to nature as we make our our compost for our garden beds, use compost tea for a flower boost, and minimize our plastic waste with soil blocking! Working closely with each flower variety benefits as we recognize the natural element of each flower and how it may be arranged in a design. I look at floral design as an art. The different textures, colors, and flowers can compliment each other perfectly.

The happiness that we see from sharing our flowers with our community is so special to us! Our sustainable practices are to work with nature to grow beautiful blooms for our community!

Growing Practices

  • Greenhouse or Hoophouses
  • Integrated Pest Management


  • Balms
  • Candles
  • Cut Flowers
  • Flowers
  • Lotion
  • Salves
  • Wreaths