Michigan Craft Beef


Michigan Craft Beef and Moraine Park Farms are owned and managed by Tom and Tracy Dykstra, with help from their sons, Deacon and Crew.

Named after the landscape left behind by the glaciers that carved the Great Lakes, Moraine Park Farms consists of the family farm in Zeeland, Michigan, as well as the historic ranch and grazing lands in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We created Craft Beef ™ to supply chefs and consumers in Michigan with a gourmet-quality local product, produced in a healthy, sustainable manner

In order to work within Michigan's unique environment and climate, we have moved beyond grass-fed and created a production system that we have termed "Craft Beef." Grazing livestock on pasture is the foundation of our operation, and is enhanced with seasonal shelter and supplemental feeding for the benefit of the land, the animals, and the final product.