Mackinac Highland Beef

St. Ignace

Our farm is located in Mackinac County in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. What started out as a small herd for our own consumption has turned into a small business venture which includes the sale of both live animals and beef for your family as well.

We raise Scottish Highland cattle which are known for their winter hardiness and superior mothering abilities. The cattle spend the winter on our farm near Saint Ignace and in the spring, are moved up north to our farm near Rudyard.

Our goal has been and continues to be, to raise our animals in the most natural way. We raise our cattle without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Our animals spend their entire life on pasture, with only a modest amount of organic (non-GMO) grains used as a treat or to move animals from pasture to pasture.

Growing Practices

  • Rotational Grazing


  • Beef