Karl’s Cuisine, Winery & Brewery

Sault Ste Marie

Join us across from the Sault Locks at Karl's Cuisine!

Now operating as Karl's Cuisine, Winery and Brewery, Karl's Cuisine has added Superior Coast Winery and Brewery onto their menu and into their dishes. Karl suggests wine/beer parings with each meal and incorporates both into his cooking as well. Paula works alongside Karl in all aspects of the business. Everything is made from scratch, and the staff offers you excellent service and a pleasant smile. You will also experience a breathtaking view of the great ships passing through the Sault Locks. Karl's Cuisine offers a rich variety of mouthwatering menu selections to choose from including classic UP staples: whitefish and pasties; gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups; delicious dinner entrees, desserts and daily specials. Karl's famous handmade stromboli, which he ships all over the US, comes in two varieties: Italian and Chicken Club. You will find these and many other selections awaiting your dining pleasure. A true celebration of fresh food, wine and beer!