Detroit Soul


We like to make sure our products are cooked fresh, hot and delicious from the first bite to the last. No matter where our customers choose to dine, The ultimate goal is to enjoy the food. But, at Detroit Soul, we put a special effort into making sure each customer's experience leaves a smile on their face and in their heart. We can't do that entirely by just providing delicious food. We make sure that from when they step in the door, before ordering, until they receive their meal and continue with their day, we put our best efforts into making them feel as if the challenges of life stopped when they walked into our facility. After all, what good is comforting food, if the service received is everything but comforting? This is what motivates us everyday; To do more than serve a great meal, but to be a bright part of the day when consumers grace us with their presence. That is what Soul Food should be all about And that is what we mean by: "Changing the Soul Food Experience".