Deer Camp Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters

Sterling Heights

Metro Detroit has a Deer Camp!!

DEER CAMP® COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY & OUTFITTERS located in Macomb County, DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters is woman owned and family operated business that manufacturers and craft roasts premium and specialty coffees and assortment of teas.

DEER CAMP® Coffee is a trusted partner with REALTREE offering unique packaging and product line featuring XTRA®, EDGE®, and EDGECOLORS® licensed camouflage patterns on each package the outdoor industry has grown to love.

DEER CAMP® Coffee continues to be seen on national television and internet shows throughout North America and enjoyed across the world. DEER CAMP® Coffee & Roasting Company is an official sponsor of the Michigan Pure Hunt® and showcases at international consumer and trades hows

Enjoy the warmth and feel of being in the woods when you enter the shabby chic cabin-feel space. Featuring Made In Michigan products including wild game and exotic meats, snack sticks, sausage, and even venison hot dogs by Uncle Henry’s Gourmet Meats, grocery items, beverages, merchandise, sporting goods for hunting and archery, fishing, camping, BBQ and other outdoor recreational activities enjoyed in Michigan.

​The décor has beautiful taxidermy mounts created by Michigan Artist David Bollman and Skull Works showcasing various wild life seen throughout the State of Michigan. Two of the animal mounts were used as prop in a movie filmed here in Michigan. Can you guess which two?

From field to table, the DEER CAMP® Store offers our own Made In Michigan DEER CAMP™ Outfitters Collection™ of salsas, dressings and marinades , BBQ sauces, jam preserves, seasonings, rubs, jerky and sausage mixes, and BBQ supplies. Be sure to grab a Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Sadyllks Candies “Yooper Bars” at checkout for your camp to enjoy.

Stop by and pick up brews and eats for your home or camp will enjoy. From coffees, teas, cold brews and other beverages, ice cream, chips, pickles, venison polish sausage and hot dogs, and our own shaved ice with over 25 different flavors to choose from. We offer take out or sitting in our Camp.


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