Crazy Lady Farm


We are a family farm that began with the goal of being self sufficient, appreciating the land, nature and raising our animals in a natural environment that is stress free and humane. To not waste what nature has to offer, improve and enhance the farm while producing top quality farm direct products.
Our farming operations include several different species, we raise Scottish highland cattle selected for their hardiness and their care of the land, free ranging chickens that provide both meat and eggs, a flock of heritage bred turkeys that lay and hatch future meat turkeys, pork and the honey bees.
We are also the proud home of Maplewinds Clydesdales. We breed, show and enjoy our Clydesdales and use them in a our farming operation.
Besides Ibby, Bess and I, every member of my family is involved. It would not be without them.
The rest of the crew includes my sons Ben, James and Byron, their ladies and children, along with my husband Tom.
I can not single out an area and say this one does this or that. We do it together and that is what makes it great. We work, we laugh and we learn side by side.