Briar Hill Farm

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Life is full of changes, don't you think? Everyday we are told different, sometimes conflicting, messages about what we should be eating, how we should be living, and what we should be thinking. First we were told that eggs and butter were terrible things. We should be eating margarine and fake eggs. Now that message has changed. Eggs are good for you. Butter also. You may be struggling with all the terminology of "organic", "natural", "grass fed", "healthy" and more.

We cannot presume what you should think, but we would like you to know what we offer, how we raise or grow it, and how you can get it. We produce pasture-raised meat and egg products and fresh herbs. Our animals are not on drugs, but they do like grass. They are outside on pasture, weather permitting, year round. We do not spread chemicals on our pastures. Our beef live healthy lives outside. Our poultry are outside as soon as they are old enough to go out. Our pigs help us clean up weeds and pastures with their own "nose power."
We process our poultry on our farm in a Michigan state licensed facility. Our other meats are processed in a small USDA-certified plant. All our customers are welcome to stop by and see what we do. Our foods are good tasting and clean.