Becky’s Birds and Bees


Becky's Birds and Bees is located on 41 acres between Dexter and Ann Arbor. My parents spent 34 years restoring wetlands, forest and prairie on what had been farm fields, before passing the land on to me and my husband last year. Their efforts created a fantastic environment for pollinators, including our honeybees, who live in the field behind the house, and now with a few local neighbors. My bees are thriving here. My parents were organic farmers and in that spirit I work hard to minimize the exposure of my bees to anything other than what they bring into the hives themselves. I use supplemental feeding, medications and other treatments only as needed to prevent death of a colony, and when they are needed, I focus on organic or natural treatments. My honey is collected right here at the farm, and other than filtering to remove large particles, it is unprocessed (raw).

Growing Practices

  • Integrated Pest Management


  • Honey