Bailey’s Meats


Our farm known as Bailey Terra Nova Farms was established in 1916 located 1 and ½ miles south of Texas Corners in Kalamazoo County right on the outskirts of Schoolcraft Michigan. Our on-farm store Baileys Meats opened in 2016. On our 5th generation family farm, we take pride in offering a quality product. Currently our 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations are all working together on the farm. We take the time to give our heritage breed pigs the utmost comfort and healthy living conditions, raising them with special care under a strict code of health and husbandry. We raise our pigs free of hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products. We grow all of our own non-gmo crops and make the feed for our pigs right on the farm using the crops we have grown. Our store is located on the farm and is open four days a week. In our store you will find high-quality home-grown pork that is processed and packaged in a USDA inspected and identity preserved facility. Our products come vacuum sealed without preservatives and with no water added.

We offer a variety of pork cuts, custom cuts, half and whole pigs ready for the freezer or you can order a pig to roast. Our on-farm store is open year-round on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 2-6 pm and on Saturday from 9am-4pm.