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TLD's Food Pantry and Meal Site Database: is a partnership between Taste the Local Difference and Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan. With this new tool we hope to accomplish two tasks towards our strategy of eradicating food waste in northwest Michigan and elsewhere:

  1. Provide accurate information about where to find food pantry and meal site resources.
  2. Make it simple food businesses to channel soon-to-be-expired food to needy families.

This new service will allow food pantries to enter their own information including location, contact information, and the type of service they offer. It will also provide a private portal for food pantry staff to communicate directly with the farms and businesses that have food available for donation. It promises to provide a one-stop destination for people looking to find food to feed their families while becoming a tool for food pantry staff and food donors.

Search for food pantries HERE.

And meal sites HERE.

Or if you're a food pantry, meal site, or a food-based business that can donate food and want to be included in this system, GO HERE to sign-up and/or update your listing.