Certified Local Food Events

Taste the local difference

A 'Certified Local Food Event' emphasizes community. The badge signifies that this event is committed to a sustainable future— not only for the event but for the community as a whole.

When an event displays this badge it has the backing of Taste the Local Difference® — a program with over a decade of experience in the local food & farming community.

Event organizers contract with TLD to oversee all of the food related components of the event, and to manage a number of other criteria that are weighed into the event’s certification, including: community engagement, involving local artists, and mission-driven activity.

To become certified, event organizers must show a sincere commitment to supporting our local food community— from farm to fork to compost and back again. It’s an important step forward to encourage local food sourcing and zero-waste initiatives at our region’s many events, but this certification also aims to provide the validation, transparency and measurement that is key in order to prove an event is doing more than just talking the talk.

In 2017,  we completed 30 different Certified Local Food Events throughout Michigan that contributed over $63,467 to the local food economy. As of July 2018, we are at 25 events and counting!!

Check out our flyer for information on how to get your event certified. 

Email  events@localdifference.org with questions or to find local food events near you. 

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