About TLD

Taste the Local Difference® is Michigan’s local food marketing agency. We are proponents of the Michigan Good Food Charter and are signatories to their resolution seeking to have 20% of all food sold in Michigan come from Michigan farms and food businesses by 2020. 

Our Mission:

"To educate consumers about the value of local food, and support food and farming entrepreneurs in building successful, well-connected, and thoughtful businesses."


Our Founding Principles:

1. Develop Authentic Relationships and Collaboration

2. Maintain and Defend the Integrity of Local Food

3. Help Local Food and Farm Businesses Succeed

4. Support Diverse and Innovative Markets for Local Food

5. Create Free Educational Resources

6. Build the Demand for Local Food


Our job is simply to get more locally grown and processed food sold in the regions we represent.  We accomplish this with specialized marketing solutions for our partners in every part of the food system. See why this is so important in this infographic.

TLD is actively seeking new community partners to help us expand the reach of our work.  If you are interested in connecting TLD to your city, county, or region, please let us know (info@localdifference.org). We'd love to connect!


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