Without Craft Malt, It’s Just Beer!

Consumer demand for craft beer is off the charts, but without locally grown craft ingredients it’s really just the same old beer, isn’t it?

We all understand how valuable local sourcing is to our economy. So, when it comes to happy hour, be sure you’re asking for a beer or spirit made with local hops and malted grains. In addition to supporting Michigan farmers, these products add unique flavors to make your experience even better.

Co-founders Jeff Malkiewicz and Mike Chereskin

The brewing and distilling industry has had to rely on agricultural products grown far away to meet their availability and standards, but not any longer. Over the last five years, Michigan’s growth in quality production of hops and malted grains has been incredible to watch.

Great Lakes Malting Company

Great Lakes Malting Company was founded in 2014 and they have grown to contract over 100 acres annually of Michigan barley, wheat, and rye to produce high-quality malted grains. With a commitment to local agriculture, sustainability, service, and collaboration, Great Lakes Malting Company has truly made a name for itself – Crafting Great Malt from the Great Lakes. 

Co-founders Jeff Malkiewicz and Mike Chereskin believe in the power of local and therefore choose to source sustainably in order to reduce their carbon footprint and support the local community.

The high level of service is what sets Great Lakes Malting Company apart, and it’s led them to work with over 25 different businesses to produce collaborative beers and spirits in the last year, including brewers from Earthen Ales, Grand Traverse Distillery, The Filling Station, and more.

Ask your favorite brewer or distiller whether they’re sourcing malted grains from Michigan. If not, point them here to get a free sample from Great Lakes Malting Company.

Great Lakes Malting Company, 3025 Cass Rd., Traverse City, MI 49684