Winter Finds at Eastern Market

Did you know that Detroit’s Eastern Market is open every Saturday year-round – rain, snow, or shine? You can have the best of both worlds as the rows of fresh produce, live musicians, and bustling groups of people bring memories of summer days while the warm coffee and flavorful, comfort food bring coziness on a cold, snowy day.

Winter at the Eastern Market as many patrons walk between sheds, with a mural in the background.

While we can confidently say that anything you pick up on your winter trip to Eastern Market will be delicious, here are some of our favorites:

But first, coffee – 

FaustHaus Coffee roasts and sells its coffee blends which are prepared in Eastern Market’s own incubator kitchen in shed 5. With the goal of “introducing customers to the traditional aromas and flavors of African spiced coffees, while making an impact on communities throughout the diaspora,” FaustHaus offers a selection of unique blends that combine coffee with warm spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric. 

Time for lunch! 

Shawarma Stop has been an Eastern Market staple for the last several years, providing fresh and flavorful options for a great lunch. Allen Rizk, owner of Shawarma Stop, has been in the food business his entire life. His favorite menu items are the “showstopper,” rice topped with shawarma served with flavorful chipotle garlic sauce, and the combo, where you can pair your favorite savory shawarma sandwich with fries and a drink. 

Freda’s Soup Kitchen is sure to warm you up with a bowl of their fan favorites like Southern Chicken Gumbo, Oxtail Stew, or Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Chowder. These soups were a staple of Champ’s Delicatessen in Gratiot Central Market. They became so popular that the brand Freda’s Soup Kitchen was launched in 2021 and now you can find them every Saturday at Eastern Market.

The French Cow has been bringing fresh French crepes to Detroiters since 2015. Visitors to Eastern Market can watch crepes being prepared as smells of sweet and savory goodness fill the air. Feeling savory? We love the La Complete, filled with egg, ham, swiss cheese, and flavorful caramelized onions. Feeling sweet? Try Maya’s Daydream, with lemon juice, blueberries, and ricotta. 

A Treat for the Way Home 

Love’s Custard Pies make the best post-market treat. Made in the Eastern Market Incubator Kitchen, Love’s Pies come in many different flavors including their famous Chess Pie, a sweet custard pie with a brown crispy top. Our personal favorite is pecan pie, which has the perfect balance of crunchiness and sweetness. You can even bring home a chicken pot pie for dinner. 

So, the next time you’re looking for a great way to spend a chilly Saturday in Detroit, make sure to stop by Eastern Market! It’s the perfect way to spend time with loved ones, get to know and love Detroit food businesses, and spend some time outside – rain, snow, or shine!