Welcome to our Cookbook Club!

Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the official Taste the Local Difference Cookbook Club! Each season, we will introduce a great cookbook we’re reading that highlights essential ways to use local ingredients. Join in on the fun, learn a new recipe, and take advantage of Michigan’s seasons with us! 

Cookbook Club, Fall 2020: TASTES by Taste the Local Difference

For our first book suggestion, why not our own? Introducing TASTES, a compilation of recipes from Michigan’s culinary minds, highlighting local ingredients by season. TASTES is actually a digital cookbook, which can live in your phone and travel with you — great for grocery shopping or meals on the fly! 

About the Author: 

Taste the Local Difference is joined by several partners, including chefs of all creeds, farmers, food writers, and beverage makers in this digital cookbook. 

Why it’s Great: 

When you buy this digital cookbook, you are supporting a dual mission. First, you are showing support for our local food economy by purchasing from Taste the Local Difference. But in addition, 20% percent of all profits will go towards video marketing for restaurants across Michigan that have found solutions amongst the COVID-19 health crisis. So while you’ll be happy in your kitchen cooking up a new recipe, you’ll be helping folks in our local food community do the same. 

Which Recipe to Flip To: 

Check out the Koryo Carrot Salad by Chef Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim in Ann Arbor on page 30. While it is in the ‘Fall’ category of recipes, it could be considered year-round with carrots and beets being available locally throughout the seasons. Chef Kim shares a balanced and unique take on the classic storage vegetables with perilla and thai chiles. 

If you join us for Cookbook Club this Fall, make sure to snap a pic! Tag us in your social media post so we can see your creation! Let’s get #tldcookbookclub with it!