Umami Ramen: Global Flavors with Local Sources

Umami Ramen has rapidly became a staple in Battle Creek due to the dedication of the owners Lance and Peacoon Allen. The community is so grateful they chose Southwest Michigan.

The Allens embody what all business owners should strive for: local food sourcing, pushing boundaries, delivering new food experiences, and consistent community outreach. Umami Ramen is making a difference when it comes to sourcing and promoting local food consistently. Why do they take sourcing locally so seriously? “I know how hard the farmers work,” said Peacoon. “Because I know that connecting with them is connecting with the food itself. Farm-to-table is more than just the food itself but the people behind it.”

Peacoon chose Battle Creek to build her business because of the people in the city. They planted themselves in a community that they finally felt a part of, and wanted to influence through food. Peacoon started her business at the Battle Creek Farmers Market, selling basic Vietnamese dishes every Wednesday and Saturday mornings. From there, her fan base flourished through the consistent delivery of a delicious and fresh product. Umami has had a very smooth and successful transition from farmers market vendor to owning a brick and mortar restaurant.

“A lot of people think they need a big kitchen or big restaurant to be successful, that’s not the case, work with what you have and your main focus should be improving your product,” said Peacoon. Umami has had a very genuine response to their business and have gained some die hard fans on their journey. When asked how they did it, her response was simply, “Well kiddo, if you figure that out, let us know. Lance and I pinch ourselves everyday in amazement of the support we receive.”

Peacoon and Lance have an authentic passion for making everyone feel welcome and included at their restaurant. Their love for the community shines through in everything they do and they serve as great inspiration for rising entrepreneurs and the community as a whole.

Go see the magic for yourself at Umami Ramen located at 80 Calhoun St, Battle Creek, MI 49017.

Devon Wilson is the Southwest Local Food Coordinator for Taste the Local Difference. He also manages Sunlight Gardens in Battle Creek, MI. Contact him at [email protected]rg