The Flint Fresh Mobile Farmers Market Gets Rollin’

You may have heard or seen Flint in the news because of the water crisis, but the staff and volunteers of Flint Fresh are working hard to ensure the next time you think of Flint you think of great, local food.

Kicking off this past May, Flint Fresh now offers a Veggie Box delivery program for people living or working in the city of Flint, which has long been described as a food desert. These boxes come in two different sizes and feature produce from one of 20 local partner farms when in season. Because the boxes are delivered directly to a home or business and Flint Fresh accepts all forms of payment including EBT, Flint Fresh Veggie Boxes are ensuring that all residents have access to healthy food.

Small Box 2

The Veggie Boxes are just one part of Flint Fresh’s business model. The other is the Mobile Farmer’s Market which travels the city selling a variety of foodstuffs at community centers, schools, businesses, and apartment buildings. The fleet of trucks will double this June when a second truck will begin driving the streets of Flint. Each truck looks and operates differently, allowing staff to accommodate whatever a community needs. Additionally, because of the unique and mobile nature of the trucks, Flint Fresh can operate year-round by partnering with businesses who allow Flint Fresh to set-up inside during cold winter months.

Flint Fresh is also kicking of an Eat Local campaign in June supporting all markets and businesses who support and buy locally sourced food. This comprehensive campaign will feature TV, Radio and print ads extolling the virtues of local food – great for the economy, great for your health, and great tasting too! Local businesses will have the option to place a sticker in their storefronts proudly proclaiming they support an Eat Local mindset.

Next time you are in Flint and would like to visit the Mobile Market or have a Veggie Box delivered, check out their website or Facebook Flint Fresh Mobile Market for more details and stops near you!

Pam Bailey is the Director of Fundraising and Public Relations of the YMCA of Greater Flint. For more information about Flint Fresh and the Mobile market head to