Local Foodie Checklist for Summer 2021

Summer is here and already flying by! Want to make sure your Summer includes Michigan’s best local food experiences? Use our Local Foodie Checklist for a fun and delicious summer! 

1. Include a Farmer’s Market trip on your vacation!

Many Michigan towns have weekly or biweekly farmers markets that should be a part of your getaway plans. Not only will you get a chance to find something delicious, but strolling amongst stalls of fresh produce and baked goods with a coffee in hand will make you feel like a local. Find farmers markets on our Find Food and Farms database.

2. Find a U-Pick Farm!

Spending a Summer afternoon amongst cherry trees or saskatoon bushes is a truly Michigan treat. Pick as much or as little as you like, and have a snack in between! Not sure where to head for your U-Pick adventure? We’ve got you covered! 

3. (Safely) Attend a Local Festival!

From asparagus to blueberries, morel mushrooms to cherries — we’ve got a festival for that! And this year, we are excited to return to a sense of normalcy, giving us a chance to celebrate our favorite Michigan crops. If beer is your favorite Michigan product to celebrate, check out our contest to win a Michigan Brewer’s Guild and Local Food Club membership!

4. Add Great Lakes fish into your meal plan! 

From fish tacos to smoked whitefish, Michigan seafood is a delicious way to eat local during the warmest months of the year. Head to our Fisheries database to find a source near you – Michigan produces anything from fresh-caught walleye to farm-raised shrimp. Learn more about the benefits of enjoying Michigan fish at www.michiganseagrant.org.

5. Send some love on social media! 

Do you have a favorite restaurant or farmstand? Did you just have an amazing experience while on a weekend trip? Give them a shout out on your social media! A kind word means a lot to businesses working extra hard this busy season. Want to learn more about local food businesses throughout Michigan? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates!

What’s on your summer checklist? Let us know on social media and we hope you have a great Summer full of local food!