Spring Fever: Microgreens & Asparagus

We are enjoying Early Spring Vegetables like microgreens or “baby” greens and of course asparagus.  One of my favorites are pea shoots. We’ve tested out pea shoots and they are a hit with all family members!

Pea shoots are the tiny first sprouts from the traditional green pea plant. They are tender and sweet and best used in their raw state. Enjoy them tossed in fresh lemon juice, olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper. They work well as brunch side-salad, on sandwiches and as a show-stopping pizza topping. Toss them in a light dressing before adding them right on top of your favorite cheese or veggie pizza before serving.  

Brimming with Vitamins C & A , folate &  calcium these little pea shoots are a beauty treatment in every cup.   

Empire Asparagus Festival  kicks off on May 18th and is a great way to taste all things asparagus. TLD recommends mixing raw, chopped spears in with your early spring green salad,  in a breakfast egg scramble or simply dressed with your favorite oil & oven-roasted.

Like pea shoots and other microgreens, Asparagus is naturally low in calorie & cholesterol free.  It is packed with vitamin A which keeps your skin and eyes healthy, vitamin C which helps heal cuts and wounds, and folate, a vitamin essential to women of childbearing age.  It also contains glutathione, a potent cancer fighter.

Paula Martin is the Community Health Coordinator for TLD and a registered dietitian. Contact here at [email protected]