Seeds for Spring in Michigan

Winter continues to drag on in its unforgiving way, but with each day spring is ever nearer. For you farmers and gardeners out there, now is the time to order your seeds for spring. Not all seeds are created equal, so learn why it’s important to opt for earth-enriching seeds here!

Did you know that 75% of the Global Food Biodiversity has gone extinct in the last 100 years? A way to combat this loss is to plant heirloom seed varieties. Heirloom varieties of crops celebrate the differences within a species and its heritage. Moreover, these seeds are typically organic and open pollinated, meaning it’s easier to save the seeds for the next growing season. Purchasing heirloom seeds from a local source supports regional differences in crops that are better at adapting to ever changing environments.

Fortunately, many small farmers choose to save their seeds following harvest each year. Check out these awesome organic farms in the Ann Arbor area that do just that:

The Ann Arbor Seed Company

From Amaranth to Zucchini, the Ann Arbor Seed Company, a certified organic farm, dedicates itself to providing seeds and preserving plant heritage in Michigan. Order your seeds at

Nature and Nurture Seed Company

Each year, Nature and Nurture Seed Company grows a wide variety of seeds, mushrooms, and berries on their property to provide sustainably grown and non-GMO products to their community. Order your seeds at

Choosing local seeds is an easy way to support your community. There are many other places to purchase seeds and transplants that support Michigan’s diverse plant population. Look for local seeds at your farmers market or local co-op. Plus, you can find your seeds for spring from a variety of purveyors at . 

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