Searching for the Best Sandwich in Michigan

As the legend goes, the sandwich was purportedly named after the Earl of Sandwich, who decided he was entirely too busy to stop playing cards in order to sit down for a full meal, and instead put his roast in between two slices of bread, and continued on with his card game. Little did he know, this culinary art form would not only become something folks stop to eat, but may even make eaters stop in their tracks with an audible ‘MMM’. 

From Detroit coney dogs to UP pasties, Michiganders have especially made an art form of getting the perfect filling to put in between bread. Make sure to hit up these local spots for some of our favorites! 

The Ann Arbor Haze, The Fresh Palate, Alpena

Head to the Fresh Palate Gourmet in Northeast Michigan to find this funky sandwich. For this housemade burger, a garden pinto patty is topped with spicy coleslaw, pepper jack cheese and chipotle ranch for a complex flavor experience, all carefully placed between two slices of whole grain ciabatta. Explore their whole menu or make an online order on their website

Fried Fish Sandwich, FRiED, Glen Arbor

Simply named the Fried Fish sandwich, the hoagie roll sammie pairs Great Lakes walleye with turmeric slaw and lemon aioli. FRiED, a destination food truck stop, is in Glen Arbor this Summer at the M22 Outfitters, and will be making a ‘splash’ at their season open in a couple weeks! Follow them on social media for updates. 

And the Horseradish You Rode In On, Mudgie’s, Corktown, Detroit

Mudgie’s is a Detroit staple for sandwiches. Despite a challenging year, they haven’t stopped turning out staples like the Brooklyn (think beef brisket, maple-caramelized onions and beer pub cheese) and the newest addition to the menu, And the Horseradish You Rode In On. This newbie recently tied for the win in their menu contest with its classic flavor combo of roast beef and a horseradish cream sauce. You can see Mudgie’s hours to join them for lunch or order carryout on their website

Want to dive in deeper with these Mudgie’s sammies?Check out the latest episode of the ‘Sandwich Talk’ podcast and Youtube series as host Carlos Parisi chows down with our Retail Specialist, Paul Green and Jack VanDyke from Rising Pheasant Farms.

Michigan’s 83 counties are full of sandwiches of all types and sizes. Where’s your favorite sammie from? 
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