Pets Naturally: Not All Treats Are Created Equal

As pet parents, we want to provide our furry family members with their best possible life. When it comes to choosing the best diet for our dogs, we research excessively and get advice from our trusted veterinarians, however, sometimes the treats we purchase lack proper attention when it comes to ingredients. Pet parents tend to grab any box off the shelf at the grocery or pet store without taking the time to read the ingredient label. Many treats contain artificial ingredients and are not fit for human consumption, so why would we feed these to our family members? If you can’t eat them yourself, your dog most likely shouldn’t either.

IMG_0371When it comes to snacks and treats, pet owners now have a large selection to choose from and it can be confusing or overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for.  When you pick up a box of dog treats, take the time to look at the label and read any available information, even the details in small print.

The Dog Bakery was born over thirteen years ago based on the simple philosophy that quality is never an accident.
Our core values:
 • Use the very best local ingredients
 • Employ the most talented staff
 • Innovate
 • Listen to our customers
 • Produce the best quality treats
                         • Love dogs

Never wavering from our core values and beliefs is why The Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally has become a premier source for handcrafted dog biscuits. All of our treats are made in small batches using the very IMG_0367best, human grade ingredients so you can feel confident you’re getting a product that you can trust and that your dogs will enjoy – time and time again.

Crafted out of the love that we have for your pets and our own, we offer over 20 different recipes to accommodate even the pickiest palates and dogs with sensitivities.  Our customers will be able to find a treat specifically made for their dog with our wide variety of base mix options: grain free, rice flour, spelt, vegetarian, and meat based.

Come see us at Pets Naturally, 1420 W. South Airport Rd.  TC, MI 49686 or visit us online at  

Andrea Margelis is a manager and dog lover at Pets Naturally. Contact her at [email protected]

Photo credit: Larissa Hunter