Perfect Pairings

This story was originally published in the  ‘2022 Local Food Guide for Michigan’

Burritt’s Fresh Market is your one-stop local shop for gourmet groceries in Northern Michigan. Since 1987, this Traverse City shop has prided itself on its large fresh seafood selection, antibiotic-free beef, fresh produce, and knowledgeable wine staff. Check out their perfect seasonal pairings.

Seasonal Risotto: Asparagus Leek Goat Cheese

Elk Rapids Winery Bos Peridot paired asparagus goat cheese risotto

There’s a new dish at Burritt’s and it’s time we introduced you. Meet our latest creation, designed to give you a break in the kitchen and a scoop of flavor: Seasonal Risotto! Flavors rotate based on seasonal produce and this spring, we’re featuring an Asparagus Leek & Goat Cheese risotto to celebrate Asparagus season.

Suggested Pairing: Peridot by Bos Wine of Elk Rapids

Wine Type: White wine made with Valvin Muscat, a local hybrid varietal

Flavor Profile: Mineral-driven, zesty citrus rind, with a bright dry herbal finish

BBQ Salmon & Cider

Have you ever tried our House Smoked Salmon Jerky? It’s a customer favorite; we make 50 lbs every week! Smoked and seasoned in-house with a dry BBQ rub, it’s the perfect addition to salads, breakfast, and road trip snacks, and adds a twist to your charcuterie board. You can even pack it for a quick snack while cycling around the area. When you don’t feel like cooking, add a piece to your Caesar Salad. Ready for the secret? Hard Cider and BBQ are BFFs! Hard cider combines the refreshing bubbles of beer with the flavor nuances of wine into a delicious beverage.

Suggested Pairing: Left Foot Charley’s Spitzenburg, grown in Northern Michigan

Cider Type: A crisp, hard cider made from heirloom apples of the same name

Flavor Profile: Spitzenburg has bright bubbles, warm golden fruit, and an earthy finish reminiscent of warm summer evenings

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie refers specifically to cold, cooked meats but has evolved into a more general term for a dish consisting of cheeses, cured meat, fruits, crackers, and antipasto. When planning your Charcuterie dish, we recommend starting with a few foundational flavors and building around those.

Raclette from Leelanau Cheese is a great starter cheese due to its creamy, mild taste. It has a semi-soft texture that holds shape well and melts easily for a traditional Alpine pairing with pickled onions and cornichons (a great appetizer). Use Raclette on your next board and spoon some Food For Thought Michigan Blueberry preserve along with a glass of wine.

Suggested Pairing: Mari Vineyards Totus Porcus from Old Mission Peninsula

Wine Type: A full-bodied white with an Alsatian flavor profile

Flavor Profile: Stone fruit, lakeside minerality, and enough acidity on the finish to balance the creaminess of the Raclette

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