Get a Local Tree this Christmas!

The holidays are here and it is time to start the search for your real Christmas tree. The good news is, in Michigan you have several great options to choose from when looking for that perfect tree. Michigan growers produce a wide variety of tree species, in fact, more than any other state. When visiting a choose and cut farm or a retail lot, you may find trees that are soft to the touch like a Frasier Fir, blue in color like a Blue Spruce, or trees that smell like citrus called a Concolor Fir. So, whether you like a fir or a spruce, or and evergreen or citrus smell, we have you covered!

To help you in your quest for that perfect tree, visit the Michigan Christmas Tree Association’s website at On the site you will find a link to the choose and cut or retail lot locators. In each locator, there will be a map of Michigan with tree icons to help you find a tree in your area. In addition to location information, you will see a list of the farm’s amenities. Many farms offer an array of services such as tree bailing and shaking, gift shops where fresh wreaths and centerpieces can be purchased, and refreshment stands for that delicious donut or warm cup of hot chocolate.

Keep in mind when heading to the farm, be prepared. Being cold can turn an outdoor experience in to a less than perfect event. So, bundle up, and bundle the kids up too! Hats, gloves, and boots are a must.

Once you have found that perfect tree, there are three key tips for keeping it looking beautiful throughout the holidays. First, pick a fresh tree. Examine the tree that you are purchasing and make sure that it is not already loosing needles. When you take it home, cut at least an inch off the bottom of the tree before placing it in the stand. Lastly, give it fresh water, often. Do not let the water in the stand go dry. Also, the location of the tree in your home is important. When finding the right spot for the tree, avoid heat sources such as fireplaces and heat registers, as they will dry out the tree.

Thank you for choosing a real Michigan grown tree as the centerpiece of your holiday décor. Real Christmas trees are environmentally friendly, as they are renewable and recyclable. In addition, your tree purchase supports local farming and therefore, helps Michigan’s economy. Michigan ranks third in the nation in the number of Christmas trees harvested, and supply approximately 2 million fresh trees to the national market each year. Many Christmas tree farms have been in business for several generations. They are open year after year, providing a special place for your family to create those precious memories. Christmas tree farms and retail lots are open starting Thanksgiving weekend. Visit for a choose and cut farm or retail lot near you.

Merry Christmas and thanks for keeping it real!

Michigan Christmas Tree Association

Learn more about the Michigan Christmas Tree Association on their website: