Local Lineage Begins Garden Galas

Like many of the gems of northeastern Michigan, Stoney Acres Winery is a family legacy of determination and local artistry off the beaten path. Located outside of downtown Alpena, tucked away on a small neighborhood street, the winery has been around since 2003, when Jim and Helen Grochowski and their daughter Amy introduced wines to the public in the tessellated tasting room. Since that time, the shop has expanded to offer candies, hand-dipped truffles made with their wines, Shipwreck sodas made with Michigan sugar, and now a whole new summer farm-to-table experience.

Gourmet in the Garden will commence on June 7th, a primarily locally-sourced, seven course dinner, paired with their various libations, on a resplendently manicured garden patio. The dinner on the 7th will be an invite-only occasion, but the event will be open to the public for three future feasts on July 19th, August 9th and 23rd.


Additionally, the winery will be introducing Thursday Nights Polish Cuisine, beginning June 1st. Looking to source these meals as locally as possible as well, inevitably farms in Posen, Rogers City, and the surrounding areas will provide many a potato, heads of cabbage, and kielbasa, for this weekly fête of lineage and food. With a nod to the indomitable Polish heritage of the region, sampler plates will be offered every Thursday throughout the summer with options such as bigos, known to most here as hunter’s stew; pierogis, with potato and smoked cheese and other variations; kielbasa; kotlet schabowy, or breaded pork cutlets; golabki, aka the well-known cabbage roll; zrazy, a type of roulade; and various incarnations of Polish soups. Several of the options will be made using authentic family recipes handed down through the generations to the Stoney Acres family. There will also be a rockin’ polka band to enjoy several of the nights while noshing.  

Come get a taste of this side of Michigan, enjoy all that this little winery has to offer, while being taken on a journey of flavors new and old.

Stoney Acres Sunrise RecipeSunrise grenadine pour

By Amy Gagnon

3 oz Stoney Acres Saskatoon wine (Saskatoons from AJ’s Berries)

3 oz pineapple juice

1 ½  oz triple sec (non-alcoholic or regular)

¼ or ½ oz grenadine

Orange wheel and Maraschino cherry for garnish
Shake the wine, juice, and triple sec with ice. Strain the beverage into a pint glass over ice. Drizzle in the grenadine, and garnish with the orange and cherry.  Enjoy!


Molly Stepanski is the Local Food Coordinator for NE Michigan for Taste the Local Difference and the co-owner of Presque Isle Farm. Contact her at [email protected]