Introducing Nadine’s West MI Local Loves

Allow us to introduce you to Nadine Karadsheh, one of our newest Local Food Coordinators hailing from Grand Rapids. Nadine spends her time connecting with local food businesses and exploring West Michigan. Get to know her favorite local food spots in the Grand Rapids area below!

Describe your region of Michigan in 3 words.

NK: Big little town

Okay, your friends are in town. You haven’t seen them for months and they’ve never been to your area. Where do you take them?

NK: Breakfast at Littlebird, coffee at Wildroast and dinner at Cafe Mamo

Imagine that It’s summertime and you’re in charge of the tomato sandwiches for a picnic. You need some bread and tomatoes right away. What farmers market are you headed to? Tell me a little bit about it. 

NK: The legendary Fulton Street Farmers Market! With over 120 vendors in the summer, you are sure to find everything you’re looking for. I’m willing to bet I’m walking out with even more things I didn’t know I needed, especially if shopping while hungry!

Those sound incredible! Since we’re in the middle of a Michigan winter, how do you stay excited about local food when it’s not as readily available?

NK: I am a soup lover and everything I can find in a winter local market is absolutely perfect in soups! Fennel, root veggies and lamb are a few of my favorites. What better way to stay warm and eat local food meant to nourish us during these frigid months!

What do you want folks to know about the local food scene in your region?

NK: It is incredibly diverse. In almost every neighborhood, you’ll find somewhere serving up homestyle meals as well as creative culinary masterpieces.

Interested in connecting with Nadine? Send her a note at [email protected]. Get to know our other new team members from Northeast Michigan and the UP here.

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