Hungry for your next Food Adventure? Explore with Zingerman’s Great American Food Tours!

Zingerman’s Great American Food Tours are designed to highlight iconic American food communities by immersing guests in the local food, culture, and history. What better way to experience a new place, than through taste and the stories of folks who live and love their local food? We’re bringing our love and passion for the Grand Traverse Bay area to Zingerman’s’ guests from all across the country.

For over 30 years, Zingerman’s has brought the best and most flavorful foods of the world to your table. Our food tours take you to the source. They go beyond just tasting great food where it was grown and made. We call it “Farm-to-Table 2.0”: learning the passionate backstory from the folks who are making a living in this complex world of agriculture and food in addition to tasting and seeing where that food is produced.

shutterstock_163038545This Fall, we’ll be showcasing the Grand Traverse Bay region. The unique growing seasons and Great Lake breezes support the best farms, orchards, wineries and fishing in the Midwest. We want to tell the stories of this vibrant community of chefs, artisanal food producers, farmers and distillers. The Grand Traverse Bay region is one of the most interesting and robust food hubs in the country, and we’re proud to highlight it.

We’re going behind the scenes with our local hosts, tasting their wares and experiencing their passion for their craft. Our guests will tramp across fields, dine in barns, taste from kegs, pick from the vine, and sail across the bay at sunset, sipping local wines. We’ll use food to discover and understand this special world, so deeply connected with the winds and weather of Lake Michigan.

Prepping at Cherry Basket FarmZingerman’s Food Tours has used food as a way to connect to the history of a region, the spirit of its people and the regional rhythm of daily life. Zingerman’s Food Tours is your concierge to the best local guides, food, and cultural experiences. Our tours give you the chance to relax while enjoying and experiencing the best our destinations have to offer. We’ve scoured the globe to make connections in the food and travel world. After experiencing one of our tours, you’ll take home some pretty unique souvenirs: a deeper understanding of a unique region, a sense of their place in our increasingly connected lives, fantastic images, tasty memories, recipes to share, and a sense of discovery fulfilled.

shutterstock_115087822Zingerman’s Great American Food tours are short, one to three day, energetic jaunts behind the scenes with local chefs, farmers, distillers, and vintners. We want our guests to come along to understand their world and listen to their story, while we eat and drink at their table. Authentic, tasty and fun, we strive to get beyond the postcard and to taste the world, the Zingerman’s way. We’ll be in the Traverse City area in September, and are also leading day trips into the vibrant Detroit food scene as well.


Dan and Janene Centurione, Great American Tour hosts
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Grand Traverse Bay Tour Highlights:

> Lunch and learn from the founder of The Little Fleet Traverse City’s Food Truck hub.

> Brewers and distillers taking you behind the scenes in their businesses, while we taste their wares.

> “Farm-to-Table 2.0” – getting out in the fields, helping to harvest our meals, and working with our chefs and hosts at Cherry Basket Farm to prepare our family style farm spreads.

> Morning at the Market – tasting our way through the Farmer’s market during the height of Fall harvest.

> Sunset sail on Grand Traverse Bay – picnic dinner while pondering the land, water and history of the region from the waves.

> Our Common Table dinners are known not only for their tasty food and drink, but also for their engaging, entertaining and thought provoking discussions with our local food hosts.

Tour Dates: Friday September 23-Sunday September 25.

For more information: Zingerman’s Food Tours Grand Traverse Bay September 23-25, 2016